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Current Operations

our platform relieves key bottlenecks in multiple areas
cell therapy - optimizing cell manufacturing operational
biologics production - improving drug development (upstream & downstream) validating
IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY in development

We currently offer our platform as a fee-for-service.
Our platorm can be placed in your facility via our early access program.
Discounts apply for academic institutions.

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Core Team

our inter-disciplinary team draws on experience from around the world
Drew Titmarsh, PHD
ceo & co-founder

Brief Bio

Drew Titmarsh is a trained chemical and biological engineer who uses micro-tools to make and understand tissues of the human body. He is the core developer of the microbioreactor array technology which is the workhorse platform of Scaled Biolabs. He has coordinated multidisciplinary projects at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnogy (Brisbane, Australia), and the Institute for Medical Biology, A*STAR (Singapore) in the areas of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Brendan Griffen, PHD
cto & co-founder

Brief Bio

Over the past 10 years Brendan Griffen has lead several large, data-driven projects in the fields of computational cosmology, astrophysics and theoretical physics. Having completed his postdoctoral research at MIT's Kavli Institute For Astrophysics & Space Research, he now builds the analytical backend behind our high-throughput wet lab platform employing tools such as statistical methods, control systems, optimization, image processing and machine learning.

Prof. Justin Cooper-White, PHD
cso & co-founder

Brief Bio

Professor Justin Cooper-White is a global leader in using engineering to solve problems in biology. In addition to holding the position of The Australian Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology Group Leader, Professor Cooper-White is Director of the Australian National Fabrication Facility-Queensland Node and is one of only 13 CSIRO Office of the Chief Executive Science Leaders in Australia. He is a past President of both the Australasian Society for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering and the Australian Society of Rheology and has previously served as an Associate Dean at the UQ Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology.

Latest Thoughts

A window into our approach

Biology & Astronomy

Brendan Griffen feb 28, 2017

Can advances in both fields lend help to one another? Or have they already?

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Economically Viable Biology

Drew Titmarsh jan 3, 2017

An engineering approach could make biology economically viable.

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deep blue biology

Brendan Griffen jan 3, 2017

How can the approach IBM used to defeat world chess champion Gary Karpavov be used in biology?

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Designing reliability

Drew Titmarsh nov 4, 2016

How can biology learn from the postwar Japanese manufacturing industry?

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Small Optimizations, Big Results

Drew Titmarsh oct 17, 2016

How did sequential optimization lead to a Nobel Prize?

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