Frequently asked questions

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What cell lines is your system compatible with?

We have worked with a wide range of cell types in our platform. These include hESCs, hiPSCs, hMSCs, cardiomyocytes, pancreatic progenitors, macrophages, natural killer cells, PBMCs, primary fibroblasts, CHO cells and HUVECs.

What biological processes do you have experience with?

We have worked on a range of biological processes including stem cell expansion & differentiation, proliferation, drug cytotoxicity, drug dose response, monoclonal antibody production, antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity, inflammation, yeast fermentation and immune activation to name a few.

do you work with adherent and non-adherent cell types?
We work with both cell types as different chip designs work with different experimental needs. We have different platforms to work with both adherent and non-adherent cell types.
Can you do off-chip sampling?
Whilst most of our value provided is done in-situ, we do have a chip available for doing off-chip sampling of the secreted supernatent. This is not our workhorse tool but if you require it then please reach out to see which of our designs works best for you.
How long does your process take?
Typically we map what is done in our chips to your process. If you have a five day culturing process, then it will take five days in the chip. We typically take one day at the start to setup the experiment and two to three days at the end to generate and process the images.
What sort of read out do you use?
We use any flourescent probe or antibody based immuno-staining which works well with your system. We use image cytometry to gain single-cell resolution data once the appropriate markers have been put in place.
How do we protect your IP?
We completely understand the reluctance to send your materials out of your lab. We operate under stong NDA, CDA and MTA contracts and in some cases operate completely blind to materials. We foster long lasting relationships which is why we ensure your IP is protected from the very start.